Choose the level of modeling that optimizes your return on talent


Configure and Mount a Universal Job Class

Best for jobs with common features and similar best practices across industries and companies.


Confirm and Configure a Modeled Role

Best for jobs with some unique features and best practices specific to an industry or function that have been modeled previously in published or in-house studies.


Customize, Validate, and Configure a Pivotal Role

Best for jobs with unique demands and best practices that contribute to strategic competitive advantage.

1 Configure

STEPS: [1] Client and Analyst agree on widely analyzed job class appropriate for the open position/s (i.e. Retail Store Associate, Front Desk Clerk, Bartender, Staff Accountant, Nurse’s Aid or Applications Programmer. [2] Analyst configures the job class Solution Suite hiring components with client branding and communication templates for review, edit, and approval.

TIMELINE: Elapsed time= 1-3 days.

BUDGET: $ 600-900 per job class.

2 Confirm

STEPS: [1] Client and Analyst agree on the relevant job class. [2] Analyst conducts job modeling interviews to assemble a Core Competency model, inserting that into a Performance Scenario survey for selected stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts. [3] Analyst collects performance descriptions of successful vs. struggling performance for Core Competency facets, yielding a Performance Success model that once approved, drives the recommendation of Selection Suite components for configuration into the online screening solution.

TIMELINE: Elapsed time= 5-10 days depending on model complexity.

BUDGET: $ 1,200 – $ 1,800 per job class.

3 Customize

STEPS: [1] Building on the steps in option 2, Analyst uses Performance Success behavior descriptions to customize existing or create new biodata, personality, behavioral interview or scenario judgement items, [2] The customized predictors are administered to the current workforce and compared to workforce performance metrics, [3] The Analyst deploys response-level analytics optimized for future hiring performance value, configuring the approved Solution Suite and preparing the change management communications, [4] Analyst works with client to set up and track how well hiring managers deploy the new talent reporting in their decision making, [5] Analyst and client review actual differences in key performance metrics achieved by new hires vs. recent hires that did not take the Predictor Suite.

TIMELINE: Elapsed time= 1 – 3 months.

BUDGET: $ 8,000 – $ 12,000 per job class.